Top 3 benefits of synthetic grass

Synthetic grass

sleepers and synthetic grass

Mention “synthetic grass” and many people will immediately think of the old-style AstroTurf pitches they used to play on at school. But the reality is that synthetic grass has come on leaps and bounds over the years, and the quality today is a far cry from the stuff you remember at school.

If installed correctly by a professional company, synthetic grass will give you years of surface; boost the value of your home; and often pay for itself over the years.

Still not convinced? Here are three top benefits of installing synthetic grass at your home:

It doesn’t need watering

Real lawns need water to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, doesn’t. In fact, the only time you need to use water on a synthetic lawn is when you want to give it a bit of a clean. Even then, though, you won’t need anywhere near as much as you would tending to a ‘real’ lawn. This means you save both time and water – which ultimately leads to reduced bills.

Weeds are no longer an issue

Unlike real grass, synthetic doesn’t suffer from weeds. Okay, so you might need to pull the odd one out every now and again, but nowhere near as many as you would if you had a real grass lawn. This means that your lawn stays looking beautiful with even a nominal amount of maintenance.

It doesn’t need mowing

Synthetic grass does not grow, so it stays exactly the same length as the day it was installed. Again, this saves you a huge amount of time and eliminates one of the most annoying household chores there is. Imagine being able to go away on holiday for a fortnight and come home to find your lawn is as immaculate as when you left.

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