5 reasons decking is a no-brainer investment for homeowners


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Adding decking to your home is an improvement well worthwhile. Whilst most home improvements provide renewed enjoyment from your property, they typically also increase the property value too. Adding or improving a deck will too.

One of the most popular additions to any home is beautiful outdoor timber deck, which has the ability to totally transform the look of your garden and make it more functional all year round.

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There are many reasons why people choose to add a deck to their homes. Here are five for you to consider:

1. A timber deck increases the value of your home

As we’ve already mentioned, home improvements will add value to your property. But experts say that adding a timber deck is one of the best in terms of ROI and you’ll stand to recoup around 72% of its cost in the increased resale value of your home.

2. A deck is relatively inexpensive

Compared with many other home improvements, like kitchen renovations or the addition of a conservatory, constructing or improving a deck is a relatively inexpensive project; making it a great option for people on a budget. Of course, the overall cost will depend on the size and the materials used. Nevertheless, decking remains a sound investment.

3. Decking gives you more space

Some outdoor spaces in their natural form are nearly impossible to utilise. For example, awkward landscapes, like hillsides or severely sloping gardens, often remain unused. Decking has the ability to level an area and can even be tiered to make the most of uneven terrain.

4. Decking is quick to construct

Many home improvements take a considerable amount of time to complete. Furthermore, indoor changes often cause a lot of disturbance to your household. Decking, however, can often be constructed in a short period of time and because the work occurs outside your home, it won’t affect your day-to-day.

5. Decking looks good

Wood is already a naturally beautiful material. But when it’s used by professional landscapers for decking, the finished article is likely to be better than you ever imagined. The natural aesthetic beauty of the wood combined with the skill of a professional can transform the entire look of your property in ways you might not even imagine.

If you’d like to find out more about decking, or the other ways in which we can help rejuvenate your outdoor space, contact us today.

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