How to (properly) mow your lawn for best results

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For many people, mowing their lawn is a tedious and tiresome chore that they often try and neglect for as long as possible. But once it’s done the results are always worth it; especially if you get a professional landscaping company to do it for you.

However, if you cut your lawn the right way, you too can achieve great results. Here are five tips to help you get it right:

1. Set your lawnmower as high as possible

It’s always best to set your lawnmower to the highest possible setting for your grass type. If you always just cut the top one-third of grass at a time, your lawn will thank you in the long run. That’s because your grass will be able to grow longer roots which will reach valuable water and nutrient sources.

2. Always mow your lawn when it’s dry

It might sound obvious, but mowing your lawn when it’s dry will yield better results. Cutting wet grass often sees you end up with an uneven cut and the whole process takes longer because you’ll find your mower clogs frequently throughout. Mowing a wet lawn can sometimes also lead to brown spots appearing where the wet clumps of grass are left.

3. Vary your approach

You should look to mow your lawn in a different direction every time. This will ensure your grass always stands up nice and tall, and will avoid certain areas of the lawn becoming compacted unnecessarily over time.

4. Leave cuttings on your lawn

Whenever possible, try and leave the grass cuttings on your lawn when you’ve finished. As long as you cut at the correct height (refer back to tip 1) the cuttings will break down quickly, and return valuable nutrients back to your grass.

5. Only mow as often as needed

Don’t get obsessed and mow your grass too often. It depends mainly on your grass type and the season of the year.

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