Landscaping tips for small backyards

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Many homes – especially ones in urban settings – don’t have as much outdoor space as their owners would perhaps like. In fact, it’s often the case that a small backyard is as good as it gets for many city homeowners, and while even the best professional landscaping company can’t make your modest outdoor space physically bigger, they can usually do something to maximise its value.

However, if you’re not quite ready to enlist the services of a professional landscaping company, there are a few tricks you can try out for yourself.

1. Utilise vertical space

It can be difficult to achieve the results you want in terms of plants and flowers when floor space is at a premium. That’s why vertical space is your new best friend and you need to utilise it to the fullest.

Tiered planters – which can be created through DIY projects or bought readymade – are excellent for maximising floor space and enable you to grow more flowers and plants in smaller areas than you could with traditional pots and planters.

2. Opt for hanging plants

Hanging plants can add a splash of colour to any part of your small backyard and they don’t take up valuable floor space. You can hang them on fences, walls, even the side of your house; it’s totally up to you. Just make sure they aren’t too low so people bang their heads on them and not too high so you can’t easily water them.

3. Take advantage of window boxes

Providing you’ve got some decent-sized window ledges on the outside of your house, window boxes are a great option for growing herbs, vegetables and plants. They also help liven up what can sometimes be dull window areas and if you fill them with plants that will overflow the overall effect will be even more dramatic.

4. Use foldable/storable furniture

Garden furniture that cannot be folded or stacked often takes up a large amount of space in a small backyard. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase garden furniture that can be easily moved and stored when it’s not being used. Of course, a small backyard may not feature a storage shed, so take that into consideration when making furniture decisions.

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