Rubber Soft Fall for Playground Safety

Outdoor safety


Learning establishments invariably take advantage of different environments to help children develop the knowledge and variety of skills they will need in later life. One such environment is the traditional school playground where children will spend hours of their time during the course of their school careers.

But outdoor play areas pose risks, and that’s why health and safety in the playground is always near the very top of a school’s list of concerns.

Fortunately, rubber soft fall provides a safe alternative to hard surfaces and can be used effectively to prevent children from sustaining injuries when playing in outdoor areas.

Wet pour rubber is one of the most popular soft fall solutions and the fact that it is an in situ product means that it is mixed on-site before being laid. The whole process is very similar to concreting or asphalting, with the wet pour rubber hand-troweled.

This type of rubber soft fall is ideal for protecting children from accidental falls, but it must meet Australian Standards for Playground Safety, which is why it should always be laid by a professional.

Furthermore, a full assessment of the play area will need to be undertaken to assess the risks and decide the exact specifications of the rubber soft fall to be used.

Children will always find ways to injure themselves, it’s in their nature. But at least a fit-for-purpose rubber soft fall installation minimises the chances. A positive knock-on effect is that kids feel safer when playing in these outdoor areas and push themselves further, potentially increasing their learned skills as result.

Rubber soft fall needn’t be dull either. Many different colours are available and a professional landscaper will be able to create a protective area that serves its primary purpose and looks aesthetically pleasing.

For more information on rubber soft fall and to discuss the ways in which it could be used to boost safety in your outdoor area, contact us today.

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