How to lay a turf lawn

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Nobody likes looking at a tired, balding lawn. It’s one of those things that can be disheartening for a homeowner to see each day and can really bring down the overall appearance of a property.

Fortunately, there is a way to restore your lawn to its once former glory, without having to sow new grass seeds and wait for them to grow.

By laying a turf lawn you can start enjoying your garden again in no time at all. It affords instant beauty and gives you a mature-looking lawn in a fraction of the time it would take to achieve with grass seeds. Of course, it is a little more expensive than sowing grass seeds, but the immediate benefits will definitely outweigh the associated costs for most people.

Here’s a simple five-step approach for laying lawn turf:

1. Prepare the ground

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking they can lay turf without preparing the area first. For best results, the area needs to be prepared by levelling the ground and removing any large stones, tree roots, old turf and other debris. Topsoil can be raked over an uneven surface to flatten it out.

2. Tamper down the surface

The soil surface should be tampered down – even with your feet – to help compress it. Any new dips should be filled with topsoil and tampered down again to ensure an even surface. Water helps the soil to settle and provides a moist base for your new turf.

3. Start laying the turf

Begin by laying the new turf down one of the straight edges. Make sure you stagger the joints much in the same way you would with brickwork, so that you avoid a single line of edges or joints.

4. Trim the edges and water

Use a spade or sharp knife to trim the edges of the turf and cut off any excess before giving the entire turf lawn a thorough watering. Be generous with the water as you want to try and soak the ground that the turf has been laid on.

5. Leave nature to do its magic

It’s important that you avoid walking on your new turf lawn for several weeks. This will help the turf establish itself and result in a better outcome in the long run. However, it is important to regularly water the turf (at least twice a day) until it is firmly rooted.

Still not sure if laying turf is something you could manage on your own? Contact us today to find out more about our turfing services.

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