Why Rainwater Tanks are Beneficial for Your Property

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In many regional parts of Australia, and increasingly in urban areas too, water tanks are essential. They are designed to catch and store rain water during showers and storms, and can range in size from just tens of litres to literally hundreds or even thousands.

Once you hear about some of their benefits, you may decide that it’s time you installed a rainwater tank on your property.

Here are a few of the major benefits:

1. Help save the environment

Many cities all over the world are experiencing water shortages and as a result people are doing their best to conserve water. Rainwater is free and can be utilised in a number of situations. This helps to alleviate some of the pressure on the local water supply and make your home that little bit greener.

2. Help save you money

As you begin to use more water from your rainwater tank, your consumption from the local supply will inevitably go down. The knock-on effect of this is that you should benefit from reduced water bills. Of course, the rainwater tank itself will have associated purchase and installation costs, but there is a wide-range of styles and sizes to suit all budgets.

3. Reduce stormwater

Rainwater tanks can help to reduce the amount of stormwater on roads, drainage infrastructure, streams and beaches. This in-turn relieves the pressure placed on stormwater systems. Obviously, this effect increases exponentially as more people install rainwater tanks on their properties.

4. Irrigate your garden when it’s dry

During periods of drought, rainwater tanks can be used to help irrigate your garden, keeping it lush and green even during long hot spells.

For more information about rain water tanks and how they could potentially benefit your property, contact us today.

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