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Make Your Small Garden Seem Bigger

Sometimes, garden space is at a premium. That’s life. But while you may not be able to extend your garden very easily, there are some professional tricks you can take advantage of to create the illusion of more space and make your garden seem a little bit bigger. Here are four tips to make your modest […]

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4 Quick Hacks to Reduce Garden Maintenance

With our work and social schedules becoming increasingly busy, any help we can get to reduce the amount of time we spend maintaining our gardens is very much welcomed. After all, even though many people like working in their gardens, it’s the time spent enjoying the fruits of their labour that they really look forward to. That’s why […]

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4 Tips for Saving Money in Your Garden

A landscape garden not only looks great, but also adds value to your home, and can act as a major selling point in the future. However, to maximise your ROI you need to keep your landscaping costs to a minimum and get the best bang for your buck throughout the course of the project. Obviously, […]

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