4 Quick Hacks to Reduce Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance


With our work and social schedules becoming increasingly busy, any help we can get to reduce the amount of time we spend maintaining our gardens is very much welcomed. After all, even though many people like working in their gardens, it’s the time spent enjoying the fruits of their labour that they really look forward to.

That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of garden hacks which will save you time on maintenance.

1. Mulch

It doesn’t take long to spread mulch around your flower beds and the rewards it brings definitely outweigh the time spent. That’s because mulch can dramatically reduce the number of weeds that’ll grow because it blocks out the important sunlight they need to germinate. It also helps keep a lot of moisture in the soil by acting as a barrier against the sun.

2. Compost

Compost is not only the cheapest, but also one of the best fertilisers out there. The relatively small amount of time needed to make it is definitely outweighed by the positive benefits it can bring to your garden. Your soil quality will improve no end and a little compost goes a long way.

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3. Choose the right plants

A small amount of time researching which plants thrive under which conditions can pay dividends in the long run. If you put plants in places that they don’t like there’s a strong chance they’ll die and you’ll need to replace them in the future. Plants placed in areas that they love will reward you by flourishing and it’s often native varieties that require the least maintenance.

4. Leave those grass cuttings alone

In our blog post on How to (properly) mow your lawn for best results, one of things we advised you to do was leave your grass cuttings on your lawn. This saves you time collecting them all and as the cuttings rot they’ll return valuable nutrients back into your lawn.

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