4 Tips for Saving Money in Your Garden

General Landscaping


A landscape garden not only looks great, but also adds value to your home, and can act as a major selling point in the future. However, to maximise your ROI you need to keep your landscaping costs to a minimum and get the best bang for your buck throughout the course of the project.

Obviously, a professional landscaping company will provide you with a full quotation before you agree to any work, but if you’re determined to make some improvements yourself, follow these tips to save yourself some money:

1. Understand your Garden

Before you go out and buy a load of plants, it makes good sense to know the local growing conditions in your garden. Choosing native plants will reduce the chances of you wasting your money, but it’s even better if you can do some research on the soil conditions in your area and find out which plants thrive in it.

2. Look for Bargain Plants

It’s quite common to see perennials put on sale at the end of their season. That’s because they inevitably look like they’ve seen better days. This is a great time to buy them, especially as you know they’ll bounce back in the spring.

3. Grow Plants from Cuttings

Almost any plant can be successfully grown from a cutting. Moreover, growing from cuttings allows you to grow many plants at the same time. However, different plants grow better depending on the cutting, so it’s worth doing your homework and finding out which cuttings to take and at what times to increase your chances of success.

4. Have a Definitive List and Budget

Heading to a garden centre or buying plants online without knowing what you want beforehand can be fatal for your wallet. In the same way you end up spending more in a supermarket when you’re not sure exactly what you want, garden centres are the same. It’s easy to spend money on items that catch your eye, but aren’t necessarily what you need.

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