Make Your Small Garden Seem Bigger

General Landscaping

Sometimes, garden space is at a premium. That’s life. But while you may not be able to extend your garden very easily, there are some professional tricks you can take advantage of to create the illusion of more space and make your garden seem a little bit bigger.

Here are four tips to make your modest garden feel enormous (or at least slightly bigger):

1. Use Colour Correctly

It might sound simple, but the colours you choose to use in your garden can make a difference in terms of perceived size. For example, warm colours, like reds, oranges and yellows, pop out at you and make objects appear closer than they actually are. Cooler colours, like blues, greens and purples, make you feel as if you are further from the object.

Bottom line? Use plants with warm colours at the front of your beds and ones with cooler colours towards the back.

2. Create Reflections

People often use large mirrors in their living rooms to create a more spacious feeling. The same trick can be applied outdoors.

A well-placed mirror will fool people into thinking that the garden is bigger than it actually is by reflecting not just the overall image, but also light. The mirror can be decorated with plants and other outdoor materials to make it blend in.

3. Scale Down Furniture

Large, bulky furniture can overwhelm a small outdoor space, making it feel both cluttered and smaller. Choose your garden furniture depending on its appropriate size. Chairs and tables that can be folded and put away are excellent for keeping your small space clutter-free when they’re not being used.

4. Think About Plant Size

Just because your garden is small doesn’t mean you should necessarily fill it with small plants. Tiny plants can actually have the effect of making your outdoor space seem tiny too. Use a variety of different plants and vary the sizes. Just be careful not to clutter your beds too much or it will have the opposite effect.

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