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Top January Gardening Tips for Sydney Homeowners

January is (almost) here! And while the start of the New Year will be a time of relaxation and rest after a manic Christmas period, for many others it’s the excuse they’ve been looking for to go outside and get busy in their gardens. But what vegetables and herbs should you plant now to ensure […]

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5 Landscaping Trends to Look Out for in 2017

With the New Year literally just around the corner, what better time than now to look at some of the potential landscaping trends we can expect to see in 2017. 1. Outdoor Living Spaces Time spent in nature relieves stress and boosts people’s wellbeing. And with the busy lives many people lead nowadays, that’s something we […]

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Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas

Dare we say it, but Christmas is literally just around the corner, and that means many people will be wanting to decorate their gardens and outdoor spaces (if they haven’t already) to reflect the mood of the festive season. But while not everyone wishes to be the envy of the street when it comes to […]

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