Christmas Garden Decoration Ideas

General Landscaping, Lighting

Dare we say it, but Christmas is literally just around the corner, and that means many people will be wanting to decorate their gardens and outdoor spaces (if they haven’t already) to reflect the mood of the festive season.

But while not everyone wishes to be the envy of the street when it comes to outdoor decorations, a few simple additions can make all the difference, and ensure your garden exude Christmas cheer this December.

Introduce Christmas Lights

They’re the quintessential Christmas decoration, but Christmas lights actually require careful planning if you’re to achieve the desired effect and not drown your garden in a sea of lights.

Therefore, if you’ve already got several year-round outdoor light sources, it might be a good idea to subdue them. Consider changing your year-round bulbs with much lower wattage LED ones to create a softer light effect in your garden, which will enable your Christmas lights to become the shining stars for a month or so.

Hang Baubles from Leafless Trees

While it can be tempting to add many different colours to your garden as part of your Christmas decorating efforts, try to be restrained. Stick to one colour for your Christmas garden decorations and this goes especially for your outdoor baubles.

Hang them (not too densely) from any leafless trees you might have. This will allow the baubles to be easily seen and give the trees a welcome splash of colour and aesthetic appeal.

Add Wreaths in Various Places

Festive wreaths don’t just need to be resigned to your front door. They’re an excellent way to spruce up other outdoor spaces too. Try hanging them on your shed door, garden pillars and even your pergola to accentuate other areas of your garden.

Also, you don’t have to stick with the traditional red and green colour scheme that most wreaths seem to adopt. Make yours stand out by adding dashes of silver and gold. For a really eye-catching effect, place a small, evergreen wreath around the base of a outdoor planter or lantern for a really festive touch.

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