Top January Gardening Tips for Sydney Homeowners

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January is (almost) here! And while the start of the New Year will be a time of relaxation and rest after a manic Christmas period, for many others it’s the excuse they’ve been looking for to go outside and get busy in their gardens.

But what vegetables and herbs should you plant now to ensure your garden is in the best state possible come the summer?

Despite it being pretty humid in Sydney in January, there are a number of fruit and vegetables that you can plant in your patch.

Leek, cucumber, beans, zucchini, sweet corn and spring onions are all good choices to plant at this time of year and are likely to reward you in the months ahead.

While it is still too hot for many herbs, you can get away with planting lemongrass, which should be able to take the heat if planted now.

Plenty of sun in your garden? Why not plant some sunflower seeds!? Choose a spot where you’d like to see a dash of yellow later in the year and plant some sunflower seeds to approximately double their own depth. Cover them over with some light dirt and wait for their colourful heads to pop out.

Lovely flowering plants, like petunias, nasturtium, marigolds and verbena are great for attracting pollinators and other beneficial insects into your garden. They also look beautiful and fresh too.

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It might not feel like it, but January is a great time to do some weeding. It helps to cut down the competition in your patches and gives your fruits and vegetables a better chance of thriving. Going forward, your garden will reward you for your January weeding efforts.

Hopefully these tips will help you get the most out of your garden this January. The bottom line, though, is the microclimates and diversity found in our outdoor spaces mean that what works for one person might not necessarily work for another. The key is trial and error.

We’d love to hear what works for you and your garden at this time of year…

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