5 Healthy Vegetables to Plant this February

Summer tips

It’s mid-January and that means, unfortunately, that the end of summer is drawing ever closer. But don’t let that dampen your outdoor spirit. Now is the perfect time to ready some gorgeous veggies and get them planted before the end of February.

Here are 5 vegetables, all with a range of health benefits, to consider:

1. Fennel

If you’ve never tried fennel, what are you waiting for!?! It’s become an increasingly popular addition to salads nowadays and it’s a great source of antioxidants. Its feathery leaves will also look attractive in your garden.

2. Beetroot

It’s an Aussie classic, but did you know just how many health benefits eating beetroot can provide you with? It’s good for reducing blood pressure and contains lots of iron, vitamins and folic acid. Stick it in a yummy burger or add it to salads.

3. Amaranth

Amaranth isn’t as popular as beetroot, but it is great for your health. This ancient vegetable and grain can be eaten as a leafy vegetable in salads, soups or stir-fry recipes or as a Quinoa-like grain on your yoghurt or cereal. It’s a superb source of protein, fibre and iron.

4. Silverbeet

Silverbeet comes in white, red and multi-coloured stalk varieties. It’s extremely low in calories and is packed full of vitamins A, C and K. It’s known to help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and promote good bone health.

5. Burdock

Burdock is underutilised, mainly because people don’t know that much about it. However, it’s been a staple in both Eastern and Western medicine for a long time because of its detoxifying abilities. The beautiful and unusual purple flowers it produces will also add a dash of colour to your garden.

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