Autumn is the Perfect Time to Get Busy in Your Garden

Autumn tips, General Landscaping

Autumn’s here in Sydney and that means the hot, dry days of summer are behind us. If you’ve been thinking of getting some landscaping done, autumn is definitely the time.

For a start, the cooler, less humid weather is much more conducive to working outside. The crisp, fresh autumn air is a joy to be outside in and complements all the work we do. While landscaping projects can, of course, be undertaken in the summer, they are a lot more manageable this time of year.

Autumn also sees more moisture return to your soil, making it a lot easier to work with when undertaking large landscaping projects. It’s also great if you need to do some weeding because the moister soil makes the whole process more efficient. Plus, failure to remove any weeds in the autumn could mean that they are a lot better established come the spring, meaning you’ll have more work on your hands then.

Unless you’ve been diligently watering, the summer heat will have dried out your soil and put many of your plants under pressure. Autumn is the perfect time to remove any dead foliage and plants because of the additional moisture in your soil. It’s also the best time to get new plants planted ahead of the forthcoming winter, giving them a chance to establish themselves and be ready to thrive in the spring.

Autumn is also the best time to give your lawn some fertiliser and general care to help strengthen its root systems, giving it a better chance of staying strong and green for the year to come.

Keen to grow some vegetables? Autumn is the perfect time to get them planted for a winter or spring harvest. If you’ve got a plot of soil, try planting parsley, silverbeet, cauliflower, broccoli, peas and snow peas.

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