5 ways to improve the security of your garden shed

Outdoor safety

If you’re a keen gardener, chances are you’ve got a garden shed to keep all your tools and supplies in. But how secure is it? Would a break-in leave you devastated?

You undoubtedly take the security of your home seriously, which helps keep your family and belongings safe. However, increased home security has led many unscrupulous individuals to target people’s sheds instead. And when you consider the different types of equipment and tools that can be found in them, sheds are often fruitful targets.

That’s why you shouldn’t leave the security of your shed to chance and take some proactive steps to ensure everything in it is as secure as possible.

Here are 5 ways to improve the security of your garden shed:

1. Check your shed’s overall structure first

While your shed door is the obvious entry point, it’s not the only one. Sheds made with wooden panels can deteriorate over the years affording easy access for thieves. Check all of your shed’s walls AND its roof to see just how secure they are. Any broken panels or damaged roof areas should be replaced as a priority.

2. Reinforce your shed door

Sheds usually have either a framed or unframed door. The former kind is preferable as it provides extra strength. Nevertheless, a decent lock is still a must.

While hasp-and-staple locks are easy to fit, they’re also pretty insecure. A mortice lock that is set within the body of the door and locks into the door frame is a lot more secure.

You should also check your door’s hinges to ensure they are still in good shape and not about to give out anytime soon.

3. Add extra security inside

Smaller hand tools can be further secured inside your shed by locking them in cabinets. Larger items and tools can be chained and padlocked to concrete floors using expandable screws or anchor bolts.

4. Install an alarm

Depending on how valuable the contents of your shed are, you might want to install an alarm. The cost of installation could be less than the combined value of your stuff, which is definitely something to think about depending on your insurance situation.

5. Try and be discreet

If your shed is full of high-end power tools, don’t announce it. Obscure any windows and don’t leave valuable equipment in plain sight. You may even want to move particularly valuable stuff into your garage or home to prevent theft.

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