How to fix 5 common lawn care problems

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Is your once pristine lawn looking like it’s seen better days? It’s not uncommon and even the best laid lawns can develop problems over time. Fortunately, many common lawn problems can be fixed quite easily and you can rejuvenate your grassy areas without breaking the bank.

Too much shade

Most lawns (depending on the turf grass used) require plenty of direct sunlight. If yours isn’t getting enough then sparse patches can appear. A nice fix is to remove the shade tolerant patches of turf and replace them with varieties that are more suited for shady locations.

Irregular/infrequent mowing

Are you one of those people who waits until your lawn is up round your ankles before you mow it? If you are, try and get into the habit of mowing it more frequently. That’s because grass actually prefers to be cut little and often. Weekly mowing in the summer – if your lawn is kept well watered – will produce grass that’s much thicker and healthier.

General wear and tear

The high traffic areas of your lawn will undoubtedly start looking a bit tired after plenty of use, which is why it’s important to pick the turf for these areas carefully. Kikuyu or Couch are two of the hardest wearing varieties of turf and two of the fastest to repair from damage.


It can be tempting to water your lawn very regularly. But while this will nearly always make your grass grow quicker, you’ll have to mow and fertilise more too. A decent soaking once a week should be adequate for most lawns and encourage stronger grass going forward.

Soil pH

The pH level of your soil is very important for good grass growth. Lawn grasses generally prefer a soil pH of between 6 and 7, and if yours isn’t it could thwart your dreams of having a beautiful lawn. If you get some new soil delivered from a landscaping yard, try and test its pH level before you accept it. While you can alter the pH, it’s much easier to start with soil that’s right.

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