How to get your kids excited about gardening

Gardening for kids

It can be difficult nowadays to drag kids away from their gadgets and get them outdoors. But while we want our kids to get more fresh air, their safety is always a top concern, which is why our gardens are such a huge asset today.

Not only does gardening afford a number of health benefits, but it also expands your child’s knowledge and learning. That’s why it’s such a great idea to get your kids excited about your garden.

Here are a few ways in which you can spark their interest:

1. Give them their own space

Start by designating a flower bed in your garden specifically for your kids. It can either be a small area for all of them to share or their own individual spaces. It’s a good idea to choose somewhere that’s easily accessible for all of them and doesn’t require them to trample each other’s areas to access.

2. Let them have some (safe) garden tools

You can’t garden (effectively) without tools and neither can your kids. Get them their own kid-size garden tools, such as a small watering can, colourful gloves and plastic hand tools, and show them how to use them.

3. Record their progress

A great way to keep your child interested in their gardening activities going forward is to record all of the progress they make. Use a written or photo journal and get your kids to measure the vegetables/plants they’ve grown so they can see how they’re progressing.

4. Harvest together

Make harvesting what they’ve grown a family affair. Kids love sharing exciting experiences like this with you and each other, making it a great bonding moment for all of you.

5. Share the fruits of their labour

Your children – providing they’ve managed to grow plenty – will enjoy sharing the fruits of their labour with your wider community. Consider asking them to share with their friends and family, as well as worthy causes like local food banks.

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