Tips to help you use less water in your garden

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Saving water is important. It not only helps the environment, but also reduces your expenses. And when you consider that Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world, saving water here simply makes sense.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the amount of water you use in your garden,

Here are 5 to consider:

1. Plan your garden

Maybe your garden isn’t yet established and you’re in a position where you can choose what to plant. If so, take some time to plan things out and consider the best place for certain plants/flowers to go. You’ll inevitably have areas of your garden that are naturally shaded and others that get lots of sunlight. Choose plants and flowers that are best suited to these conditions right off the bat.

2. Choose species carefully

As well as selecting plants that are best suited to the conditions in your garden, also consider local indigenous species that will thrive in your environment with little help and species that have low water requirements. This will allow you to have a beautiful looking garden without the hefty water bills.

3. Use mulch to help retain water

Adding mulch to soil can massively boost its water retention capabilities. It prevents surface water being evaporated by the sun and reduces water runoff when it rains or when the soil is watered. Mulch also helps protect plants from severe weather conditions, like frost and extreme heat.

4. Collect your own water

Greywater from your laundry and bathroom can be recycled for use in your garden. You’ll have this kind of water all year round, even in the summer when rainwater can be scarce. Strategically positioned rainwater tanks can also provide water throughout the year.

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5. Water in the early morning

Early mornings are the most economical and beneficial time to water your garden. No matter how tempting it can be to give your garden a drink in the middle of the day when it’s looking parched, try to refrain. Watering in the middle of the day is often a waste because the heat causes rapid moisture loss.

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