Landscaping 101: Use these 5 pro tips to kick-start your project


Whether your outdoor space needs a bit of a refresh or a complete overhaul, there are a few basic landscaping principles that can help you get your project on the right track from the start. And while many people will still opt to employ the services of a professional landscaping company, these five tips will help you better understand what’s possible in your outdoor space and enable you to come up with some ideas before you go to meet a landscaping professional.

1. What do you want and what do you need?

Much of your project will hinge on your wants and needs. Are you looking to create a space in which children can play? Maybe you want to grow your own vegetables? Or perhaps you just want somewhere beautiful to relax in the evenings and on weekends.

Make a list of your needs and wants, and then sketch a very rough image of how those needs and wants might look in your outdoor space.

2. Assess your outdoor space

Your outdoor space is what it is. And while professional landscaping companies can work wonders and make it unrecognisable, they cannot alter things like the path of the Sun. That’s why you should assess your outdoor space to locate its sunny spots, windy areas, best places for certain species of flowers/plants and anything else that may influence your design decisions.

3. Keep it simple

When it comes to landscaping, keeping it simple is often the best recipe for success. Start small and don’t over-complicate things. You’ll probably find that your design evolves as it progresses. Most of all enjoy the project throughout and don’t get stressed if things don’t always go how you’d planned.

4. What plants and flowers do you love?

You want your newly-rejuvenated outdoor space to make you happy, which is why you should create a list of plant and flower species you enjoy. You might not be able to incorporate all of them, but even just a few that make you smile will be a big step in the right direction.

5. Be flexible

Even if you’ve got your heart set on certain elements, remain flexible at all times and be prepared to change your plan to suit. Some aspects just might not look right once other elements are in place, so change them. After all, nothing is set in stone – except maybe your new garden path.

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