Top tips to keep weeds under control

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Weeds are an inevitable part of having a burgeoning garden, but they needn’t get you down. By taking a prevention is better than cure approach to weeding, you can ensure you stay on top and enjoy a beautiful garden all year round.

Here are our top tips for removing weeds from your garden, without the need for harmful chemicals:

Mow your lawn regularly

It might sound obvious, but mowing your lawn regularly helps keep weed growth down. Not only does it destroy weed seeds that may have been transported (either by birds or shoes) onto your lawn, but shorter grass also allows you to more easily identify any weeds that may crop up.

Dig them out while they are still young

Weeds that have been allowed to establish themselves and form sturdy roots will cause a lot more headaches than juvenile weeds that are just starting out. It can be hard to remove all the roots of larger weeds and if they release seeds, you’ll end up with even more. Small weeds can often be removed by hand or with a small trowel. Just make sure you get all of them out and don’t leave any roots in the ground.

Weed after it’s been raining

The best time to weed is immediately after it’s been raining when the ground is wet. This is because the softer soil makes weed removal easier, meaning you use less effort.

Crowd weeds out

Weeds need sunlight to grow. Plants planted close together block out a lot of the light weeds need, interrupting their growth and ultimately leading to their demise. Fortunately, you can take plant spacing guidelines with a pinch of salt and place them slightly closer together in reality.

Do you have any top weeding tips? We’d love to hear them!

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