5 factors to consider when planning a garden pond

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Ponds are worthy additions to any garden. The soothing sound of running water and almost hypnotic movements of beautiful fish can help relieve the stresses of modern day life, which is why many people choose to create a pond in their garden or outdoor space.

But before you jump in and start digging out your garden to make way for a pond, consider these important factors first:

1. Watch out for surface runoff

Even if you don’t use pesticides or fertiliser in your garden, you do not want your pond to be in a place where it gets filled with runoff water when it rains. Excess water causes a pond to flood and may contain chemicals or debris that could be harmful to your pond’s ecosystem.

2. Choose an enjoyable location

Some people choose to install ponds where they’ve got a bit of extra space, not where they will be most appreciated, unfortunately. Ideally, your pond wants to be in a spot where you can enjoy it. Somewhere you can sit and watch your fish or listen to the flow of water.

3. Consider nearby trees

Trees are a big consideration when building pond. That’s because their roots can make digging the necessary hole much more than difficult than it need be. Also, trees drop leaves, which can fall in your pond and decay, potentially harming the plants and wildlife that inhabit it. That’s why placing your pond away from overhanging trees also reduces maintenance.

4. When it comes to ponds, size does matter

You often hear people saying, “I wish I’d made my pond a bit bigger”. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy once you’ve finished the project, which is why you need to consider the size before you start. Furthermore, bigger ponds are actually easier to maintain. That’s because they hold more water and nature, to some extent, can take over and manage the environment, with less intervention from you.

5. Understand local regulations

To always be on the safe side, you should check with your local council whether there are any restrictions or regulations you need to be aware of before you begin construction. A local pond firm or landscaping business should know the legalities in your area, which is why many people choose to hire the services of a professional company to create their dream pond.

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