How to mow your lawn like a pro

lawn maintenance

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy looking lawn. But achieving great results isn’t always easy. Luckily, with our help, you will be well on your way to having that perfect lawn in no time.

Here are our top tips for mowing your lawn like a pro:

1. Best time of the day to mow

The best time of the day to mow your lawn is mid-morning. That’s because it’s when the grass is at its driest and it’s before the heat of the midday Sun has kicked in, so mowing the grass isn’t too uncomfortable for you.

In terms of how often you should mow, it all really depends on the season and your location. Specific guidelines for your particular grass type can be found online, but general guidelines suggest once or twice a fortnight in the summer, every few weeks in the autumn and winter, and as regularly as needed depending on the weather in the spring.

2. The ideal lawn height

Again, the ideal lawn height will depend on what type of grass you have. A good measurement is simply how your lawn looks. If it looks untidy, then it’s time to get the mower out.

As a rule of thumb you should only be looking to remove about 30-40% of the grass blade when you mow; anymore and you could end up damaging the roots of your grass.

3. Those sought after stripes

The stripes you see on sports playing fields are actually easier to achieve than you might expect. All you have to do is mow down one length of your lawn one way and then mow back the other way on the next strip.

4. What to do with the grass cuttings?

Many people remove the grass cuttings after they have mowed their lawns because they think leaving them will harm the grass. In fact, the opposite is true. Grass cuttings left to break down naturally will return important nutrients back into your lawn.

5. Keep your mower blades sharp

It might sound obvious, but the sharper your mower blades, the better result you’re going to get each time you use it. Blunt blades tend to tear rather than cut and leave a much less desirable finish.

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