Tips for designing an outdoor kitchen

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Once upon a time, it was enough to wheel out a portable barbecue and call it an outdoor kitchen. But nowadays people want something more permanent, more extravagant and more of a showpiece to utilise when they’re entertaining. In fact, outdoor kitchens have become so popular that people tend to use them as their go-to cooking stations.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when designing your own outdoor kitchen:

Be realistic

Some outdoor kitchens comprise an enormous amount of appliances and accessories, but most people can get away with something much more modest. While your budget will ultimately determine what you can and can’t get, it’s important to prioritise the elements that really matter to you. So, if an outdoor sink isn’t a deal breaker, but a BBQ absolutely is, you know which one you should be spending your hard-earned cash on.

Location, location, location

Your outdoor kitchen wants to be situated in a part of your garden/backyard where it’s going to get the most use and provide a seamless cooking experience. Outdoor kitchens that are located too far away from people’s houses usually get used less often than those that are closer. Also, your outdoor kitchen ideally wants to be near to where people will eat, so that the chef won’t feel left out of the revelry.

Invest in durable materials

Even though it will likely be under cover, your outdoor kitchen is still going to be exposed to more of the elements than your indoor kitchen. For this reason you need to choose materials that are durable and will provide you with years of faithful service.

Granite and stainless steel are ideal for benchtops, while glass makes for durable cupboard doors. You can even buy complete all-in-one outdoor kitchen sets that are made for this specific purpose and guaranteed to be long-lasting.

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