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How to take a cutting from a plant

You’ve seen a plant or flower in your friend’s garden and thought, I’d love to grow that in my own garden! So you take a pair of scissors and (with your friend’s permission) you lop off a bit of said plant, take it home, plant it and wait for your plant to flourish. Unfortunately, though, […]

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5 vegetables that even brown thumbs can grow

Growing your own vegetables at home is so satisfying. Not only does it feel good to bring fresh produce straight from garden to table, but vegetables you’ve grown yourself seem to taste better too! But not everyone is successful when it comes to yielding decent vegetable harvests. Not because they necessarily do anything wrong mind – […]

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5 Easy to Grow Plants for Brown Thumbs

When it comes to gardening, are you a green thumb or a brown thumb? In other words, are you naturally just good at cultivating plants and flowers or does every horticultural project you undertake end with results you aren’t happy with? The good news for brown thumbs is there are some indoor plants that are […]

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