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5 Healthy Vegetables to Plant this February

It’s mid-January and that means, unfortunately, that the end of summer is drawing ever closer. But don’t let that dampen your outdoor spirit. Now is the perfect time to ready some gorgeous veggies and get them planted before the end of February. Here are 5 vegetables, all with a range of health benefits, to consider: […]

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Top January Gardening Tips for Sydney Homeowners

January is (almost) here! And while the start of the New Year will be a time of relaxation and rest after a manic Christmas period, for many others it’s the excuse they’ve been looking for to go outside and get busy in their gardens. But what vegetables and herbs should you plant now to ensure […]

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Stay Cool this Summer Without Cranking Up the Air Con

Summer is just around the corner and that means we could be in for some warm temperatures here in Sydney. But it can be difficult to stay cool when the average humidity¬†spikes to 65%; especially if you’re not a fan of air conditioning – which many people aren’t nowadays because of the associated expenses and […]

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