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Leichhardt Public School Playground Redesign – New Video

We’ve made a new video revealing the gorgeous Leichhardt Public School Playground redesign. Here’s a 1 minute overview of the design and construction features that made this school playground project an award winner. Vote for us in the #NationalAward Australian Landscaper of the Year. Outdoor Retreats Landscaping, Leichhardt Public School (NSW)

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5 tips for attracting birds to your garden

Birds are a welcome addition to any garden. Not only are they voracious consumers of insects, but their wonderful songs add something special to the air. However, attracting them and encouraging them to stay can be tricky if you’re not sure what you’re doing. These 5 tips should help you get off on the right […]

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How to deal with hydrophobic soil

Many things in life get dehydrated – us humans, animals, plants, etc. But did you know that soil can also get dehydrated? Following a prolonged period of dry weather (or a lack of watering) soil can become dehydrated and that can make it actually repel water rather than letting it soak in. This is what’s […]

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