Projects: Leichhardt Public School School

We are re-landscaping the Leichhardt Public School playground into a magical student experience. The new landscape design provides students with lots of different objects and interactive elements to explore. We are planting native shrubs and hedging plants to provide screening. The students at Leichhardt Public School will be truly amazed when they return in Term 1, 2021.

The large brick wall that is shared with the Cinema has been painted a deep grey.

This will make an amazing backdrop for the new timber and sandstone design elements. It will also make a huge media backdrop for student authored movies.


The bridge, decking and rock features have been installed.


Climbing poles and poles decorated with indigenous artwork capture your eye when you walk into through the gate or enter from the school.

Yellow speaking tubes give students an interactive conversation piece to explore.


Curves are abundant in our masonry and timber work. Some amazing craftsmanship from the Outdoor Retreats Landscaping team!


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